Wonerful Battery Operated Lanterns

Design Battery Operated Lanterns

Battery operated lanterns – Lanterns make a wonderful decorating party. You can create your own paper round lantern with paper. Instead of using old newspapers, using rice papers in a single layer made up of Alfalfa. Unlike traditional paper Montessori, opaque from the use of old newspapers, paper lantern making transparent the finished rice. The balloon is inflated. Lacing on the lips of the balloon and suspended so you can access this page.

Rice paper ripped in 1 inch strips long enough to cover the lips of the balloon where the string attached to the top of the balloon on the bottom of the balloon. Making paper by mixing a solution of one part water and one part flour. Stir until smooth and lumps are gone. DIP the Strip into the solution of rice paper and running a strip between two fingers, you can remove the excess solution. Lay one battery operated lanterns end of a paper strip near the Pier and along the longitudinal smooth balloon ends the polar opposite side of the balloon.

Repeat with the other pieces, overlapping the edges of the belt just a little, the balloon is completely covered with strips of paper. Removes battery operated lanterns debris from the inside of the balloon lanterns. A small circular hole cut in the top of the Lantern. Attach string each side of the top of the open hanging lamps. Insert the battery into the candle Lantern. In the case of the need to ensure the wax Lantern: use a piece of tape, sticky side out and insert the bottle into the rolled to the bottom of the candles.#ThanksForReading SBC