The Modern Dining Room Sets

How to Decorate a Modern Dining Room Sets

The creation of a modern dining room sets mean you have to use only modern furniture. You can mix old pieces in the room, or even use a whole set of old dining room. The keys to the old pieces fit into modern decor are making cosmetic changes to the furniture where appropriate and accessorizing even the most traditional pieces in a modern way.

Paint wallpaper your modern dining room sets walls with bold color and modern model. Paint the woodwork and molding with black paint marking or white color with a high gloss finish. Place a kilo rug or sumac drawings – antique reproduction or – on the ground to tie old and new together. His geometric patterns have a modern sensibility while remaining traditional enough to suit your antique dining set.

Line the back wall of the cabinet of China with fabric seat chair, or strong solid fabric that contrasts with their dishes. Show a selection of his little dishes on the shelves, perhaps mixing in a modern ceramics, candles or wine glasses. Hang a chandelier drum-shade, a series of hanging lights or a single lamp with art glass shade over the dining table with modern dining room sets. Start your buffet or sideboard with a fast or flank with a pair of elegant, stylized contemporary lamp chandeliers.#ThanksForReading SBC