Wooden Corner Accent Table

Designing Living Rooms with Corner Accent Table

Corner accent table are beneficial to both living rooms large and small. The corner placement uses the space, allowing plenty of real estate for furniture placement. Because of the odd angle, however, corner accent table have a design challenge for homeowners. Fortunately, there are several ways to arrange furniture around a corner fireplace.

Organize your sofa and loveseat or sofa and armchairs to form an “L” around the fireplace. Place the sofa so that it faces the fireplace, and in parallel to the corner. Adjust the loveseat next to the sofa to create an angled shape “L”. Being around the fireplace is warm, cozy and inviting. Add a coffee table in the center of the room opposite the sofa. It must be parallel to both the sofa and corner accent table. Place the side boards on the opposing ends of the sofa.

Implement decorative accessories on the wall above the corner accent table. Tall vases, pictures of family and seasonal decorations are appropriate for a mantel pieces. If the chimney does not have a mantel, corner shelves are suitable for displaying decorative pieces. Place a television on a television standing by the fireplace, or you have a flat-screen TV screen mounted on the corner of the chimney above the wall decorations. Pull the space with plants and potted accents, as a neutral tone carpet under the coffee table. Potted plants can be placed on opposite sides of the fireplace or near the entrance of the room. Cushions scattered on the sofa and loveseat will add visual appeal comforting. Coordination lamps placed on side corner accent table provide plenty of light for the room.#ThanksForReading SBC