Make Cool Bookends

Ideas for Homemade Cool Bookends

Cool bookends – By putting your creative mind to use, you will never buy again bookends. There are many things you can use to make bookends. Think of items with enough weight to support their books or something that can be bent so that part of it is below a couple of books to create the necessary weight.Make Bookends Vintage Plate. Get some old license plates. You can find these in your garage, the garage of his grandmother or a thrift store. Clean the plates with mild soap and a nonabrasive cloth. Measure 4 inches from one end of your license plate and mark with a pencil. Place the plate on the edge of a table and apply even to bend the plate in the form of “L” pressure.

Repeat with the second license plate. Place the plates at each end of their books as you would traditional bookends. Make cool bookends Of Old Vinyl Records Use the pot and boil enough water to fill the sink. The water should be deep enough to reach the label on your album. Put on rubber gloves and dip your album in hot water. The vinyl will begin to soften from the heat. Slowly bend the disc at a right angle by applying even pressure while it is still in the water. The edges of the disc in the water can begin to undulate. Use your wooden spoon or spatula to smooth any ripples along the edge.

When you are satisfied with the angle, pull the disc from the water, place on a flat, hard surface and continues to soften the flat bottom as it cools. Place the album in its piece of felt and trace the shape of a half circle with the white crayon. Cut the shape of the felt. Cut just inside their brands of crayons for a better fit. Apply glue to the bottom of your cool bookends album and attach the piece of felt. This will prevent the culmination of scratching surfaces. Repeat with the other album. Then place the discs on either end of their books as you would with traditional bookends.#ThanksForReading SBC