Boxwood Wreath Hearth

Hanging Boxwood Wreath with Ribbon

Boxwood wreath adds warmth and charm to any home. Hang your wreath of box with tape, which adds a touch of color to the door or wall. Its crown is attached to the surface and you will enjoy the presentation. Before hanging up his crown, select the ribbon color to match your decor.

Determine where you want to hang the boxwood wreath. Interior doors and exterior walls are good choices. Consider the thickness and durability of the surface. Wood surfaces thick solid core. Another option is drywall. Determine the height positioning. Mark the point on the surface where you want the top of the frame to rest.

A nail at the point marked with a depth of about 1-1 / 2. Hang the frame crown to the nail. Insert one end of the ribbon through the box wood frame; pull the tape to the surface that you like. Staple the ribbon to the surface. Measure the length of the central crown of the upper frame to the point where the belt clips to the surface. Record the measurement.

Divide this measurement in half; then add 5-inch. Record the measurement. Finally, to hang boxwood wreath, cut the length of tape from the top front of the chassis boxwood. Pull the tape up. Fold the ends over for a finished look. End bow ribbon on the wall.#ThanksForReading SBC