Wooden Storage Chests

Fashionable Storage Chests

A functional piece of furniture is fashionable, and table as seating for storing clothes or toys. If you lack space a storage chests can be the solution! They have centuries of history made ​​in Egyptian culture over 3000 years ago been found chests decorated in Egyptian tombs. Among the Greeks and Romans were also popular furniture cabinets were the Romans who added lock to protect the privacy of objects.

During the middle Ages the chests are covered with leather or fabric is decorated with fittings and is decorated with pieces of metal. The chests along with the beds were the main furniture in the rooms as yet knew the wardrobes as we know them today. Bedding, clothing, clothing accessories and other goods were stored in chests.

Storage chests that can be used as a side table in the ethnic living. China made ​​of wood with faux leopard pattern. It is topped with metal studs, and the respective closure leather straps. Inside you have a good space for books, magazines, household items or clothing.

Storage chests are an original piece of furniture that serves as a table and can also be used to store objects. No cover or closures, opens from the center, making its use easy and comfortable. Do you have to take object?, only open and ready.#ThanksForReading SBC