Standard Cast Iron Shower Pan

Cast Iron Shower Pan

Cast iron shower pan – Bathroom iron base provides solid floors, durable for a walk-in shower. With proper care, this type of basic shower can last for decades. Before you install the shower base, you need to build support to protect the subfloor and prevent the base from shifting in order to shower. Basic installation shower iron is a relatively easy task; however, careful planning is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the shower enclosure.

Measure the width and depth of the iron shower base with a tape measure. Shower enclosure frame measure to ensure that the base will fit in the enclosure. Also, measure the height of the lip along the perimeter of the shower. Place the cast iron shower pan on the base of the bathroom in shower cubicles fame to make sure that the holes in the base line up with the spout is installed through the subfloor.

Place the iron on the base of the shower frame of plywood. To draw an outline along the drain hole with a pencil. Remove the base and drill a whole 1/2 inch inside the lines so that the edge of the drain hole meets outline. Enter blade reciprocating saws into the bore hole and cut along the lines.

Search floor beams under the subfloor with a stud finder. Mark the location of the beam to the floor in the cast iron shower pan area in the plywood, and pick up the chalk line between the marks. Cover the plywood frame with waterproof membrane, press into the corners between the plywood and wood stock part along the perimeter. A staple of the membrane to the plywood frame with electric stapler. Trim the excess with a utility knife membrane.#ThanksForReading SBC