Bathroom Heat Lamp Unit

Mounting a Bathroom Heat Lamp and Ceiling

One possible option when an older room you upgrade is to add a ceiling light in combination with a bathroom heat lamp unit. In these units, heating oil is mounted either beside or around the light. When lit, these produce heat, which can take the chill off a bath on a cold morning. An assembly of these units can be done with a minimum set of tools. With a pencil, mark a location on the bathroom ceiling where you want the unit to bathroom heat lamp.

Turn off the electricity to the existing bathroom accessories at main circuit breaker. Use a jigsaw or keyhole to cut around its trace marks on the ceiling. Mount the socket receptacle for the lamp between two beams in the ceiling above the bathroom. Strip the ends of the black and white wires on the lamp unit with a pair of wire strippers.

Insert the heating unit and the lamp socket hanging through the ceiling of the bathroom. Feeding the wires through openings in the side of the socket. Tie the bathroom heat lamp at the nearest intersection. Connect the white wire to white wire in the junction box, the black wire to the black wire that corresponds.#ThanksForReading SBC