Elegent Carpet Runners For Stairs

How To Remove Carpet Runners For Stairs

How To Remove Carpet Runners For Stairs – Carpet runners are long strips of carpet running in the center of the wooden stairs. In some cases, the stairs are completely covered with carpets. Under the carpet may also have carpet padding. All this is held in place with a variety of items, such as staples, tacks, rivets and adhesive strips. All these things have to be eliminated in a certain order to successfully remove the carpet of wooden stairs.

Place nose pliers below the lower edge of the carpet runners for stairs and holding pliers closed at the bottom. Pull up the carpet until the bottom of the stairs stopped. Wear heavy utility gloves, and capture the loose bottom part of the carpet. Raise tacks and staples as you encounter those using pliers or the tip of a flathead screwdriver.

Inspect the carpet runners for stairs after the carpet and pad corridor that may remain is removed. Use the screwdriver or flat pliers to remove nails and staples that hold the plate in place runner. Stick the end of a pry bar behind each strip rivets revealed after removing the stuffing corridor. Lift each strip rivets. If necessary, tap the pry bar lightly with a hammer to get better utilization and tighter control.#ThanksForReading SBC