Purple Baby Shower Wall Decorations

How to Make Baby Shower Walls Decorations

Baby shower walls decorations, a baby shower allows you to celebrate the arrival of your little one with family and friends. Like any party, the cost of your baby shower depends on your willingness to develop creatively. Items such as wall decorations, for example, cost between $ 3 and $ 45 or more, depending on the manufacturer. Making your own decorations baby shower lets you control the color scheme, design and cost of the feast of their first baby.

And related to baby shower walls decorations, please follow these directions if you want to make it.  First of all, cut a strip of 4 feet in blue or pink organza ribbon. Helical strips of tape pink and blue together if the baby’s sex is unknown. Then, cut four, six inch strips of organza ribbon in blue or pink, depending on the sex of the baby. Alternate between blue and pink ties if sex is unknown. Cut the ends of each piece at a diagonal angle to give your arches a polished look.

After that, tie each strip 6 inches in an arc around 4 foot piece of tape. Adjust spacing arcs sliding through the central belt until they are equidistant. And then place a dab of glue between each arch and the central strip 4 feet to hold the position of the arches. Press the knot firmly on the table for ten seconds after applying the glue dot. The last, hang several vertical rows of ribbon bows on the wall above the party table or tie the strips horizontally and hang a garland around the room. Finally, that’s all about baby shower walls decorations that I can share today. Thank you#ThanksForReading SBC