Surfboard Wall Decor for Homes

Being already very nearly in August we got up today with surfboard wall decor dedicating this post on ideas for decorating with surfboards to all lovers of sea waves. And yet it is a great decorative addition to expose and integrate it into the rest of the decor, both for its form and its colors or its customization possibilities, giving the space goes a very special touch, so the person who inhabits it. Option for surfboard wall decor to hang on the wall, either singly or in combination with other tables of different colors or designs form.

Thus surfboard becomes decorative focus of stay without abigarrarlo with nothing. One is hung horizontally so perfect as the original headboard, but you can also choose more: if you choose to hang 3 are better if you hang vertically and two horizontally, one above the other.

Among the ideas for decorating with surfboards, another widely accepted is hanging from the ceiling, parallel and seized from it by two ropes, one at each end. This gives a marine touch to the decor without taking up space. Similarly also surfboard wall decor can hang in the upper wall with a pair of hooks or brackets and the effect will be similar.#ThanksForReading SBC