Style of Islamic Wall Decor

The Islamic wall decor is the core principle of any Islamic art. Within the Islamic art there are variations according to geographic zones, but what is common in all ages and in all Islamic countries and that makes readily recognize this artistic style is the decoration. Unlike Western thinking, in which the decorative is considered secondary, something superficial that we add to the structure, the decorative Islamic thought is essential, primordial. Whatever the material or technique used (stone, brick, stucco, wood, ivory, metal, ceramics, textiles) everything is covered with ornamentation.

In this Islamic wall decor (as in Muslim music or reciting the prayer) it is essential rhythm, repetitive rhythm that is based on the insistence, in the series, in the repetition of basic patterns. The basic elements of the Muslim calligraphy decoration are the floral motifs and geometric patterns.

The Muslim thinks that faithful imitation of nature, any attempt to make a “living” work is an act of impiety and pride, faced man with God, the only Creator, and the Maker. That’s why the Muslim prefers non-figurative art, the geometric in Islamic wall decor.#ThanksForReading SBC