2 Person 58 Inch Bathtub Home Depot

2 Person Bathtub Dimensions

2 Person Bathtub – The possibility is there, although it will not be easy. If you dare, we give you the keys to do it, although you may need advice, since this project has its complications. Starting with the simplest, you will have to determine the place where you want to build the bathtub. If you do not have it clear, try to make it an area that is absolutely free of everything that may affect your home and its installations of light, water, etc. as well as roots.

If you opt for a 2 person bathtub like the one in the image, that is, underground, you will have to do an important job on the ground. Thus, you will have to dig a hole as big as the proportions you want to give your bathtub. When deciding, keep in mind that the larger it is, the greater the water and energy needs to heat it, as well as to maintain the temperature. Choose the size you choose, add at least 15 extra inches.

Once you have opened a space for your 2 person bathtub, cover it with plastic sheets and make sure they are firmly fixed to the floor, for example, using roofing nails. On the plastic fabric, you will have to put foam for the insulation of at least 5 centimeters thick. Once you cover the entire bathtub, let it dry well before continuing with the project.#ThanksForReading SBC