Small Bathtub Shower Combo 48

48 Bathtub – What’s So Good About It?

While for many people it is not relevant, many others consider it essential to have a 48 bathtub at home. It is especially useful for people with small children, for those who occasionally like to take a relaxing or romantic bath and, in general, it gives us many more options than having just a shower in the house. However, we cannot always count on all the space we would like to install a large bathtub that covers all our needs.

Double-height bathrooms are a very modern option. That is, leave the lower height for the toilet or sink, while the second “floor” is intended for 48 bathtub, which will be installed in a corner. This option helps us to separate environments and results in a most elegant design. Floating furniture, including bathtubs, also helps to save space and give a modern touch very appealing.

Also, to separate environments and as long as space allows us, we can have us install glass or aluminum doors , or simply some functional element, such as a bamboo screen. In many countries of northern Europe, the WC and the own space for bathing are occupied by two completely differentiated rooms, so we can take note of it, but separate the area of ​​the toilet from 48 bathtub in the same room. This option will make us gain in design and functionality.#ThanksForReading SBC