Large Deep Soaker Round Bathtub For Sale

Ideas to Put Tile Round Bathtub

Tiling the walls round bathtub is one of the best ways to protect the wall from moisture, and it looks great as well. The tiles and joints between the tiles keep out moisture, but the line between the tile and the tub is most vulnerable to a damp fracture and should be sealed rather injected.

Draw a vertical line up the middle of each wall round bathtub, using your level and a pencil. Apply mortar along the bottom of one of the walls, using a mortar trowel. Make the row of mortar start on the top edge of the tub and walk up the wall by 1 to 2 meters, buckle to each end of the wall and measure with a tape measure.

Push the first two tiles along the top edge of the round bathtub, on each side of the vertical line. You will be able to still see a line through mortar. The nubs on the sides of the tiles will space the tiles apart, and from the edge of the tub.  Press the rest of the tiles instead of the first row to build from the center towards the walls. Cut the end of the tiles as needed on a tile like that.  Install the next row of tiles, re-work from the center and out. Repeat, build the wall in a lattice pattern. Cut around plumbing fixtures as needed, using a tile saw.#ThanksForReading SBC