One Piece Bathtub Shower Combo Jetted

Ideal Bath Jet Tub with Shower

Jet Tub With shower is ideal to make body and mind relax, after a very intense day or even before handling the daily commitments that await us. Shower and whirlpools in practice have the same function as infusing health and relaxation for those who use them. The greater relaxation is between the benefits of the whirlpool (you can be comfortably relaxed instead of sitting or standing as in the shower).

The amount required for proper hydro jet operation and occupied space in the bathroom. More space and have a higher consumption of bathing, even for jet development need to fully fill the tank with about 150 liters of water, as it is used for jet functions. On the other hand, always use “new” water with a consumption of about 10 liters of water per minute and, thanks to its size, a jet tub with shower can be installed in any type of bathroom large or small.

To clean the hidden corners of jet tub with shower you can use simple bicarbonate mixed with water. Finally, it is necessary to clean the shower head and the nozzles often because they are easy to clean, just disassemble them and leave them to soak in an anti-scale or vinegar for a couple of hours.#ThanksForReading SBC