Nice Cheap Tub Surround Ideas

Home Depot Tub Surround Tile Ideas

Home depot tub surround – A tub surround is the area around the bathtub and shower where the water comes into contact with the walls. Tile is the most popular choice for walls in new and remodeled baths because it is impervious to water, extremely dirt repellent, easy to clean and available in dozens of colors, sizes and styles.

Honeycomb tile is shaped in the form of a traditional or geometric honeycomb. Available in styles ranging from iridescent to raised glass, honeycomb tile for home depot tub surround can draw attention to your bathtub when arranged in a conspicuous pattern. Choose tile pieces from an already existing package, or mix honeycomb tile pieces from a selection of brands, fill in the holes with colored joints.

Add a tile mural to your home depot tub surround. A wide variety of themes exist to accent the interior of your bathroom, including flower patterns, underwater scenes and abstract art. Tiled paintings make the area around the bathtub seem more open by creating a stylish focus point in a small room. Although tile murals are usually placed at eye level above the bathtub, you can choose to place your mural along the bottom of the tub if it will be completely sealed in tiles to create a unique look.#ThanksForReading SBC