What Is A Garden Tub Bath

How to Install the Bathtubs for Two

Bathtubs for two are independent bathtubs that some may call “ripeness.” While they may be easier to install than wall vats, special considerations must be made for drain lines and custom taps. The position of the leak must be consistent with the pipes that lead to it. Faucets in a two-sided tub can be fixed on the side or corner of the tub, or they can use a wall-mounted model. Have the plumbing features prepared for the bathtub installation.

Diagram of the placement of the bathtubs for two on the floor. Get help from a partner and flip the tub upside down on the floor. Align the drain with the hole in the tub. Outline the shape of the bathtub on the floor with chalk. Draw an arrow on the ground to indicate the position of each leg. Place the 2-part epoxy cement on the bottom of the legs of the tub. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions so the cement is mixed properly before applying it to the bathtub.

Return to the bathtub to its upright position, taking care not to make contact with the epoxy cement. Make an airtight seal between the skirt of the bathtubs for two and the floor by applying a bead of water-resistant silicone adhesive between the two. Use a finishing putty tool along the silicone cord that is placed between the skirt and the floor to help soften the adhesive and give it a finished look. Connect the pipes for the drainage, the assembly and the overflow of the faucets. And that’s it, all done by your own work.#ThanksForReading SBC